Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Some Tuesday randomness

I had another post in mind for today but than it just turned out to be one of those days (one of those good days, I might have to add) that I didn't feel like writing about what I actually wanted to write about. Ok. I guess I made myself clear. It's one of those days.

Right now it feels like time is speeding by and, at the same time, being as slow as some really thick and sluggish uhm...honey! One one side, I cant. (as in c.a.n.t!!) wait for it to be August!! Than again, I'm hell a lot scared for it to turn July (which is quite inevitable if I want it to be August at some point), than again I really want to find out about my universities!! (I sent out all the applications now) but than again I don't want it to come to that point because that means my favourite-August-time is going to come to an end soon and...do I want to find about about my university results? That's open for discussion I guess. Quite a mess, right?!
Good thing tough, that apart of all the messes, I went out with my dad this morning for some quality father-daughter time. We drank a tea (me) and a coffee (him) at our favourite spot, we walked our favourite streets up and down discussing the people who passed or just life in general, went to the museum to talk a bit more...this time though about art...and life in general again and had an easy but amazing lunch at the museums café/restaurant/bar/something.
It's a great place to have your lunch by the way! It was build in between to buildings, just by 'wrapping/closing' everything 'open' with a glass wall. It's huge and light and open. Simply beautiful! Talk about having a good lunch! (Only drawback, my phone was in my bag, which was all the way back in the museums locker. So no actuall pictures).

The rest of the day was calm but productive. And now I'm going to write some other applications, get some more forms done (they seem to be endless these days) and keep on worrying about things I can't change anyway. Good luck with that...to myself ;)

Also, that's what I'm drinking right now. Quite picturesque isn't it?! ;P In case you're wondering what it actually is, more about that tomorrow...or Thursday, we'll see.
And that are some of the leftovers of my lunch. This picture is so what not. displaying. how. good it was!!! So you'll simply have to believe me ;)
And with that, I'll leave you and I'm wishing everyone a nice Tuesday!

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