Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Weekend things the 2nd

Ok I started that post about a hundred times by now. Maybe it's not the time yet, to say what I actually wanted to say. Ugh. Writing full stop. Anyway, it's been my second day of work as in 'real' work (I am paying my taxes now, my own health care and I officially started to pay for my pension. It does feel major haha). And I simply feel pretty...exhausted. But I guess that's more because of our temperatures here. Spending a full day of quality time with little kids in 30°C and plus does get exhausting (and my three rather not planned and preferred sand showers plus two 'green snow' (gras) storms didn't bring any improvements either).

So with that being said, here we go with my weekend part II (from here on, phone pictures)

We started our weekend with three large packages of super fresh strawberries. I just have to smell them it I'm already dying. Love strawberries! (there are, obviously, all gone by now)
After our sunburns had one day rest, we went out for some shopping. Shopping and coffee that is (sleep doesn't get as much attention as it might should...on weekends anyway).
Cute caf├ęs with plush chairs
And lampions...
And the cutest thing I ever saw. Post stamps in tiny frames...I wish I had included something to show you how small they actually were!

Sunday was quality family time. A really late, but really beautiful breakfast with two of my three men.
Muesli for me. Cake for them. Smile!

This week is my official personal start of countdowns. So excited, scared, happy and giddy for whatever is coming (and I really don't have the slightest idea at all). I'll be down in our kitchen now, prepping some last things which will hopefully make it into this week...not that there are still other posts waiting for their turn. Have fun in the heat!

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