Sunday, 16 June 2013

Half a day off {How I got my first serious sunburn ever...well my first sunburn at all that is}

Blogging doesn't happen as regularly as I wish it would right now, oh well.
Before we start into our new (and busy) week, I wanted to go back to this weekend. It felt so good in so many ways, soaking up some major friends- and family time and just enjoying...well life, I guess. I just feel like I'm one happy and blessed person having all those people around me!

So for Friday, a friend and I headed to 'our' small lake in the morning to soak up some sun. My work was scheduled especially late for that day, so it worked out perfectly. Except for the wind...and the clouds...which made us believe that the sun could not possibly be that bad. And that's the story of my first and worst sunburn ever. Riding my bike to and from the lake, playing beach volleyball and wasn't as much fun as usual, when everyone keeps asking why you're so red. Aw. Well, I've learned my lesson.
Photo overload ahead!

We tried a smaller hidden way first...that did not work out. So we turned around. Hey there.
But I guess it was worth it!
Thanks to the fact that school is still on (so everyone's there, instead we had the beach all to ourselves.
Clouds and sun...not so good for your skin as it turned out. But don't you like my nail design? ;)
I have to admit, I do like to goof around...from time to time. Poor people.
Though I wasn't the only one...
Someone thinks one picture is enough...I don't think so.
It was nice to just lay back and talk. And laugh. And talk more.
I also got new glasses this weekend...not those, but I just remembered.
And back through a dense and green forest
And thanks to my slow shutter...I was not looking at the picture again but making sure I was still straight on my way...and not heading into that forest green. It's still a fun reminder.
I wish you all a wonderful start into the week!

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