Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Summer smoothie with garden cress {How my perfect smoothie pictured never happened}

I sometimes think, it's crazy how easy it is to make a story out of something (ups I wanted to say: nothing) A story out of nothing. Anyway). This is the story with the not so promising title 'How my perfect smoothie pictured never happened' but it's probably just, well, who I am.

So, the other day I was feeling like a smoothie (Ok, I probably always do, but that's not the point here). And I conveniently still had a bag of frozen fruits left from the other day where I had intended to make a smoothie but somehow never had gotten around to actually do it.
Having said that, I went into our kitchen, grabbed my bag of fruits from the freezer and let them fall into the mixer. They looked quite good in there. All this red and orange mixed with the much fuller and somehow richer orange from the mango. I added a few leaves of mint and a few other things and was suddenly amazed by how much I actually liked the colour picture of what just had happened inside my mixer (we hadn't pressed the 'mix' button yet!). It was asking for a picture.
I got my camera.
I positioned my piece of art.
And...don't ever ask me how!...this happened:

Yeah. So much about my great smoothie-in-a-mixture-picture (rhyme-schmyn).

Well. I cleaned up the mess (sort of. Cough), assembled the things back together and pretended nothing ever happened in the first place.
Just shortly after that, I also learned why it's not a good idea to just throw all your fruits into a bag and freeze them. Because they freeze as a huge lump. Mixers don't like that.

While penetrating my lump of frozen fruits with a kitchen knife (it would have been so me to destroy the knife during the process as well. That, however, luckily did not happen) I pondered about how one of my older host brothers had just mentioned the other day, how he missed me in the family. 'Life was so much more fun with you. Like on TV'. Uhm...that gives you things to think about. (There was a funny comment I wanted to make about this comment but I forgot. I guess, he's laughing by now if he's reading it. Hey there!!)

With that story, I'll leave you with the recipe for a, still pretty awesome, smoothie. Have fun!
(Oh...I also thought about adding a banana, though in the whole process I forgot about it. Yeah, I know. Anyway, it was good without it but next time I'll add half a frozen or unfrozen banana as well).

You'll need (1 serving):
  • one small frozen bag of fruits (appr. 1 1/2 - 2 cups) Mine had: watermelon, mango, pineapple
  • two ice cubes
  • three large mint leaves
  • 1 big Tablespoon of greek yogurt (non fat)
  • 1 Tablespoon garden cress (Gartenkresse)
  • water and orange juice according to your preferred consistency
Put everything of the above into a blender. Try not to drop the blender and spill out its contents. Blend!

Enjoy ;)

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