Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Feet related things {a glue and fabric heaven}

So I actually got sick. But I hope it's done with "one day in bed and a lot of sleep" (Fingers crossed!!)

Anyway, if you read Outofpeonies you may have noticed over time, that I love to re-do my shoes in any kind of way. But mainly, I love to get fabric involved. So right now, having my rather tight budget in mind, it was time to turn one of my old and boring pairs of shoes into something "new".  No money(?!) but new shoes?! Perfect!
And the only things you'll need are: some fabric, some glue and an (old) pair of shoes (oh it rhymes). Sounds easy, right?!

Old... and new!

  1. Cut out pieces of your chosen fabric which are about the size of the area you want to cover. (Make them a bit bigger. You'll be using the scissors later). They also don't have to fit in shape. Just make a rectangle...or circle.
  2. Start covering the area, you want to apply your fabric on, with glue.
  3. Apply your fabric. (Help: I start with a larger "flat" area and cover areas close to the shoes soles or the simply smaller ones later.
  4. Cut close to the border and "close" with more glue.
It is a bit tricky sometimes and definitely sticky but you'll get it pretty quick. I took step by step pictures when I did those shoes here.
I also changed my shoe laces since I thought white just looks better for contrast-matters....duh. 

And they are used non stop. However, this sadly does include quite a lot of sandpit visits right now. And those are not really good for keeping ones shoes nice, clean and shiny (especially when the kids decide that it would be the best to put them into the "oven" to "bake" them. Aka: bury your shoes ankle deep into sand. *sight*). Oh well. They were made for those things, right? Right! Shoes in action ;)

Blurry feet but a clear, tiny kid hand. Somehow I really love this picture.

Oh and the second thing I wanted to mention: Our magnolia and cherry trees are blooming. And of course, did I take pictures. But because one can only stand that many flower pictures I'll spare you the cherry ones and leave you with the magnolia ones. Have an awesome Wednesday!

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