Sunday, 14 April 2013

My weekend {Finally welcoming spring}

I promised cupcakes but your getting the weekend first. Ups. What did you do this weekend? We welcomed spring! Finally.

Well, first of all it was work on Saturday morning. A Saturday morning, on which I felt more like this, that is.
...hit someone on the head.
Sadly Luckily life did not hand me a frying pan and I eventually got over it. (Please ignore the bad quality of that scribble by the way. It happened while life handed me a pen...instead of a frying pan...).
After work had been done, I headed out of our little city to get a bit of a change considering my surroundings.
I love taking the train.
And together with my mums boyfriend and his son we went to the movies to watch Oblivion in the eveing. Somehow every single new movie seems to picture our future and a destroyed earth and some lone survivors. Not such a pretty perspective if you ask me.

Sunday was the only and first free day of this week and as this, it was treated. I woke up late and stayed in bed even longer (I admit: mainly because of my cat). We had a long and rather large breakfast, I went running, my brothers came over for an surprise ice cream date and we spent most of the time outside or together cooking and talking.
Love some quiet time to recharge!!

Cat mornings are definitely ranked pretty high in the awesome-and-comfortable-mornings ranking.
To get a change and try something new, I went running without socks. I've read about it but couldn't really imagine it (I'm rather old fashioned if it comes to socks in shoes). I'm not too sure if I'm going to do it more often from now on but it definitely wasn't that bad at all.
We so did welcome spring finally ♥
Short and easy dresses and and ice-cream-brothers-date
...they are way taller than me by now. Gone are my tiny little munchkins (Well, if the bigger versions treat you to an amazing ice cream I'm not going to complain).
And thumbs up for relaxed garden time. Though we spent half of it trying to remove a glass splinter from my left foot which did get stuck in there pretty badly. Ouch. Oh and I figured I'm probably not going to get my vegetable garden done this year...if should already be in work...which it is not....
I hope your weekend was nice as well!! And we'll totally get to the cupcake part tomorrow ;)
Oh, but it's going to be a sweet-free week for me. I guess I just had too much chocolate, ice cream and cupcakes over the last week. So here we go with more balanced and vitamin infused.

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