Sunday, 21 April 2013

Week things in the middle of April

The week flew by in a whirlwind of activities and right now I feel like resurfacing from a deep deep dive. Phew. But fun it was for sure!!

I'm the second week in at my internship and I love it. It is super exhausting for sure, especially with work after that but I still love it (And we do have coffee for all the other problems, right? Right!!).
Oh, and apparently it is not a common fact for kids that even I have parents. They were rather shocked to find out haha.

She didn't get all the attention she needed this week. Therefore I'm having a super cuddly/attached/sleepy/grumpy/moody cat right now. She's still cute though.
People visiting keep on asking me: "Who is the guy in the picture?" I'm assuming that this means they think I am the girl in the picture? This is not me and neither do I have an idea who the guy is. Though I probably wouldn't mind knowing. (Who would!?)
Jep. Every girl needs this sometimes.

At the end of the week my room was a mess. As in: A huge and big and dirty mess. So, before work on Saturday, I transformed myself into super woman. I cleaned my room, the house, ran errands, did some shopping and cooked (And that after two 10-hours work days)! Tschaka for woman-super-powers!

Before and after...and I do have to admit that the light in the first picture lets it look less horrible *sight* (I'm silently asking myself were on earth I was sleeping the last days...I mean, look at my bed!  Double sight)
There is still one application waiting....oh and my bike needs to be fixed...and I need to order my pictures, and make my schedule for next week....). Buuuuut I'm going to be a 100% lazy today. I hope you can enjoy your weekend as well ;) (and don't let the to-be-done-lists get you down!!)

Listening to:
 Can't Hold Us (feat. Ray Dalton) - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
 Happy (feat. Derek Martin) - C2C
 Something That I Want - Grace Potter
 It's Time - Imagine Dragons
 Meine Soldaten - Maxim
 Everybody Needs Somebody to Love - The Blues Brothers   


  1. Machst du einer Kita oder einem Kiga Praktikum?
    Habe ich ja auch diverse Male gemacht, und an das Entsetzen, dass so ein alter Mensch wie ich Eltern hat kann ich mich auch noch sehr gut erinnern XD Die Kleenen sind schon witzig ;)

    Hey, also ich finde dein Zimmer ja mal gar nicht schlimm... da kenne ich Schlimmeres *hust*

    1. haha ja zimmer gehen doch leider äußerst häufig diese...ähm stadien durch. Eine Kita :) und die kleinen sind echt knuffig!!! Letzte Woche gabs Salat und Salagne (Lasagne war doch irgendwie zu kompliziert...aber ich meine ja auch. Also bitte. So ein blödes wort ^^)