Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Tuesday Blues {This certain week}

While munching on on my peanut butter jelly toast, I was continuously staring at my CELTA application page looking at the questions...

"In your opinion, which of the following jobs would best prepare a person for language teaching (choose one only):
sports coach                 tour group leader                    social worker                 lecturer
sales person                 driving instructor                       actor/actress                nurse


It was one of those days were I had spent the morning with the kids, had returned home with a long to-be-done list and everything I had managed was to realize that I was a) still hungry after our, rather stressed out, kindergarden lunch (it had included cleaning the toilets mid-lunch and trying to keep the rice and the sauce on the plate of every kid) and b) super tired. And after sleeping and eating I didn't really resurface from my afternoon drowsiness. So instead I had an early dinner and walked a round through the fields. 
But, things needed to be done. So I switched on my PC and after half an hour of refreshing every single blog site I knew (hoping something would change the exact second I did so) I noticed: I was still hungry. (I did tell you it was one of those days!).

So here I was, munching on my toast (the warm crispiness from the toast combined with the crunch of the peanuts and the sweet and saltiness of the jam and the butter. O.M.G....does anyone understand me or is this weird?) I realized: Writing is for me what taking photos is for a photographer (at least, I assume that it sort of correlates).
It helps me to focus. For example on how delicious such a simple toast could be. Or that I felt pretty comfortable because I could hear the birds chirping in our garden and my mum's boyfriend silently cursing on and on about how he was always hitting the wrong button on his phone but also about how he was just too lazy right now to get on his PC and safe some time (all this while he was sitting on our staircases. He had to move since I just had been making p&j toast in our kitchen! ups). How this felt like home. And like family.

By now, my toast is eaten (sadly), my cat moved from my bed to my window and I'm finally going to answer the question which of the jobs, mentioned above, would be best to prepare a person for language teaching.
What would you say?!...oh: And why?! ;)

No socks and my white chucks are still white!!! (Someone was having some doubts about it last year. Ha!)


  1. Hallohallo
    einen sehr schönen Blog hast du da. (ich hab gestalkt, dass ich dir auch auf deutsch schreiben kann, mein Hirn ist noch nicht im mehrsprachigen Modus angekommen heute morgen).
    Ich weiß genau, was du meinst. Ich habe häufiger solche Tage, an denen ich ein Brot nach dem anderen esse und gebannt den Himmel anstarre, unfähig mich zu bewegen, während so viel zu tun wäre. Manchmal braucht man einfach eine Pause.

    Liebe Grüße

  2. Hihi ja deutsch geht genauso gut ;)
    Hach wie gut dass ich da nicht alleine im lazy tage land lebe! Eben. Pause braucht jeder!

    Ganz liebe Grüße zurück