Thursday, 4 April 2013

Hey there

Hello! and hi back! to everyone who read my old blog. It was time for me to start somewhere "new" (not that's it's really new but as good as it gets). This is still going to be about my rather random crafts, my messes in the kitchen and, of course, about the traveling, but I want to get it a bit more in order. I also want to learn and improve but most of all I'm just giddy about all this "empty" and "free" space which is going to be filled soon.
With just the average mess that's going on ;)

I hope to see you soon!

But I guess we're going to have to say goodbye to him...our relationship isn't going so well can you tell?...just as for all the others before it was his time. I'm somehow seeming to have a serious kind of problem with long-chocolate-bunny-relationships right now...

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